Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Let's take a slight detour. I've started a new drawing. This, of a great blue heron that we saw at the San Diego Zoo. Since the discussion has been about pen strokes, this is a good example of stippling. The short feathers under the heron's head are done with dots or very short strokes. Further down the neck, as the feathers get longer I move to longer strokes. (click on the image to enlarge it).


Tabmade said...

I applaud you for having the patients for doing such detailed pend and inks! We had to do one in high school for a calender project that had to be stippled, and while it turned out looking really nice it drove me insane, haha. You make me want to try another though!

D. Hawks said...

Thanks for your comment. Sometimes when I look at a potential drawing or what's remaining of a current drawing it can get overwhelming. So, what I do is break it down into small sections. Then it becomes almost therapeutic. Actually, I find the stippling can go rather fast (with practice).