Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Strokes

Let's look around at some of the other areas of the truck for strokes and effects.

Although the bumper is old the chrome plating is still evident with a shiny reflective surface in some spots. I used a combination of cross-hatching and parallel strokes again. The top of the bumper was kept white to indicate reflection of the bright sky above. Parallel pen strokes done with a light weight pen can sometimes make the shaded area almost glow simulating the affect of secondary lighting. At least to my eye that is the case with the bumper.

The drawing is progressing as I fill in more detail on the remainder of the truck.

I'll talk about the grass in my next post.


Chrissy said...

Lovely work ...and very topical. Car Industry is dreadful in the UK too..

D. Hawks said...

Chrissy, thanks for your comment. This truck always fascinated me as a kid and finally one day many years ago I decided to snap a few photos. I never imagined that I would use it as the subject of a drawing.

Yes, very sad what is happening to our former bedrock industries in both countries.