Saturday, January 17, 2009

Permanent Isn't Always Permanent

The truck is just about done. During the course of completing any ink drawing there is a high likelihood you will want to make minor changes to the drawing, either because you were a little wild with the pen (and you never stayed in the lines as a kid) or because later on you decide to add some highlights. Black pen is difficult to remove, but after reading articles about scratch board I decided to try a technique of my own. A sharp knife can be used to scratch away a little of the paper surface. I experimented, and found that the tip of my mechanical pencil (with the lead retracted) worked great. It was easy to hold and easy to control. Here is a picture of my pencil.

You don't want to use this over a large area and you do not want to use it repeatedly in the same spot as the paper surface is damaged in the process. Below is an example of the technique showing before and after.

Early on, when I first started out with pen and ink, I was not aware of this method so if mistakes were made, I had to use creative ways to hide the mistake. Now, I feel I don't have to live with the mistake anymore and will end up with a better picture in the end.

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