Monday, February 2, 2009

Here is the final installment of the heron project. I have fully colored the illustration now with colored pencil. I changed the water to a greenish color rather than the original yellow. Somehow it just looks better to me. I did layer in yellow, blue and red along with the green, especially in the shadow areas. Again, this was done on a print of the original pen and ink, so I have both available.

While I was looking at some other photos, I found a fun one with the heron walking on the beach showing his big feet. The overall picture did not warrant a full project as above, but I decided to do a simplified version of the heron with the intent that my wife might be able to create a rubber stamp from it for her stamping and card making.

Then I got a little carried away and found another photo we had taken of a duckling. The original photo was not all that great but the end affect with a pen and ink rendering is fun. Well, I will see if she wants to create a stamp of this one too.

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lisa winter said...

i love the pictures of the herons. herons are one of my favorite birds. i especially like the black and white version. very interesting and lots of detail.