Sunday, March 1, 2009

Filling in the background

Now begins the background work. There is a lot of foliage to draw but it is actually going relatively quickly. You can click on any of these images to see a larger view.

Here is a portion of the upper left corner.

I am a little concerned about the contrast between the monkey and the background foliage. The monkey does not stand out as much now as before and I want to avoid this. I have some tricks that I will illustrate in later posts to bring the monkey back to the front.


Mark Alan Meader said...

Yeah.. they were so prominent until you started with the background foliage.. will be interested to see how you deal with that! I don't see such careful and detailed technique much these days. Great work.

Dorothy L said...

Very talented!
I love the subject you chose as well:)
Have a very nice day!

D. Hawks said...

Thanks for your positive comment Dorothy! Unfortunately life has been getting in the way and I have not been able to finish them up yet. Sometime soon though.