Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Adding Detail

I am not sure what type of monkeys these are. I may have to visit the Animal Park again to find out. If anyone else knows, I would appreciate a heads up.

I continue to add some more detail in pencil before starting the inking process. My goals in this drawing are:
1) Capture the rapt attention of the monkeys as they peer to the right.
2) Capture the depth and space of the image. The monkeys are in the foreground sitting and hanging from two branches. Somewhat behind them are the trees and sky. The trick will be to properly represent this through a combination of detail and light in the foreground and less detail and washed out colors in the background.


Mark Alan Meader said...

Seems like such a daunting task to render all that foliage, but you're so good at it. Maybe it's actually kind of relaxing, once you get the repetitive patterns going? You must have to be careful though about the lights and darks so it retains some larger shapes and doesn't all become mush. Look forward to seeing this one progress!

D. Hawks said...

Yes, All of these drawings are somewhat daunting at first. In some ways it is a struggle and I am never quite sure how they will turn out. More often than not they work out OK. When I am not sure how to proceed I start out with small, strokes and slowly build it up. We'll see how it works here.

Nancy said...

Looks great so far, you definitely got the fur/hair thing going on!