Saturday, February 12, 2011

I have walked up Penang Hill several times now, both on the so-called Jungle Trail starting at the Moon Gate by the Botanical Garden and also by way of the Jeep Trail, also originating at the Botanical Garden.  Each time I have gone, I have seen monkeys.  They are all over the place, jumping through the trees, rummaging through the dumpsters, and up on the hill waiting for someone to drop something.  I have been told by some that the monkeys can get a little nasty.  If you are carrying something and are not careful they might grab it from your hands and take it up into the trees.  The day I ran across this fellow, I was on the Jungle Trail.  He and several others were on the trail in front of me and in the trees above.  As you can see, he was much more interested in his buddies in the tree than he was in me.  Another day, I was walking down the Jeep Trail at about 6PM in the evening and it seemed like the entire monkey population was out on the road looking for dinner.  I literally walked through the monkey gauntlet.  There were monkeys on both sides of the road; there were big ones, little ones, everywhere.  I decided to ignore them as best as possible and they did the same for me.

This picture was sketched from a photo I took with my iPhone.  For some reason I could not get him to sit still long enough to pose for the picture on the spot.

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